Monday, September 28, 2015


Do you ever tell people that you have been to the sacred grove? Im not really one for bragging.... now that I´ve changed. Haha but no I don´t think anyone knows, its not really something that comes up in conversation. But if they asked I would tell them.   

Do most people in your area have cars? This area is kinda well off so yes they have cars. Haha I made a contact in the street the other day and when I told them what church we represent they said "oh you mean the one with all the rich people?" I said "nope, the one with all the blessed people. and you could be one of them!" Haha its funny how God really does bless us, if we do what is right. 

Elder B gave us some tatoos.  haha
We put them on at district meeting.
OH I FREAKIN MADE NO BAKE COOKIES THIS WEEK BY ACCIDENT! So I was making brigadeiro in the microwave which is just condensed milk, a little butter and chocolate all mixed up and cooked to a boil. and I realized that I had oats from when I make oatmeal. So I decided to mix the oats in my brigadeiro and BOOM! when the spoon left my lips, a single tear rolled down my cheeks. It was exactly like no bake cookies. So that was cool. 

Also we helped a guy in the ward baptise P -an older man who lives near him. It was super sick because it was the first time he baptized someone and he said that it make him a little excited to THINK about serving a mission. haha well its a start right?

So P- is pretty much the man. We found him knocking doors and his wife was the one who really let us in and let us talk with them but after the first visit she would always tell us that she doesnt want us to come back, she would lie to P- and tell him that she met us at a party in the catholic church, she told him that we are of the devil and everytime we try to talk to her she just walks away and closes the door.   So me and my comp made a rule that everytime we talked to her we had to say that we loved her at the end. So one day we get there and shes at the door and said, "I dont want you guys comming back anymore. Youre not welcome here." 

So I dont know why but I wasnt the least bit concerned. Maybe because im used to this response or probably because I knew that God would help me talk to her. So I said "aw really? and why is that Dona M-?" (dona is a title of respect.) 
She said "because I already have a religion, P- has one too and he doesnt want you guys to come back."I said "Thats not what he told us, he told us he was interested and that he wants to be baptized."She said "But this house is part mine and I dont want you guys to come here"So I said "Well if its part yours, then its part his. And we'll teach P- in his part of the house"HAhaha she kinda smiled cause she knew she was beat hahah but she warmed up to us and now she talks to us but not in the same room as P- and P- was so happy that we baptized him and he was so grateful that we helped him. It really is amazing to help someone gain a chance at eternal life. I know that this church is true. I love you guys and miss you all lots and lots.

Elder Hamm


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