Monday, November 9, 2015


WOO got an investigator with a bunch of little birds

Which M&Ms are the best?  What? What kind of question is this? haha I like the ones with peanuts... but the mini are good too. 

What is your favorite Christmas candy?  ummm probably the red gummy berrys. you know the one that have the taste of sweedish fish but are actually like a raspberry.

Do most people have cell phones and text? Most everyone has a cell phone but no one really texts. Everyone has this app called Whatsapp. Its an app that uses the internet to send messages and call people so if you have internet all the other services for this app are free. after one year you pay 1 dollar (4 reais) and you can have all this free for another year. Here in the office we have special privileges... so we can send texts. only us and the assistants can send messages so its pretty special. 

How is your Portugese – you pretty much understand everything people say and can you say whatever you want to say? Yeah at about 1 year I havent had any difficulty understanding or not having words to say what I want. Its all just so natural now it comes out without even thinking, kinda like english. You dont really think to see if it makes sense you just open your mouth and start talking. 

Is it hard to remember English? It was before this area. But now I live with 4 other americans, 1 brazillian and 1 from peru. so we talk a lot of english in our house but at least a third of the words we say are in portuguese just out of habbit. Its kinda weird its like a mix between english and portuguese, porta-english.

So just to tell you guys a little bit about the weather here in Juiz De Fora. So when I wake up, its always a little cloudy. Then at around 9 the sun comes out from behind the clouds just enough to shine right on my study desk and so we have to close the blinds. At around 9ish the sun is behind the clouds again and we can open the blinds. Then at 10-2ish the sun is burning at about 35-38 degrees. Just hot enough to give me the confidence to leave my umbrella in the office. Then around 3ish theres a light rain with a cold breeze and then its cloudy the rest of the day untill 7ish when the heavens open and pour our rain like its the end of the world. So the last 5 days I´ve come home soaking wet.... oh Brasil. 

You guys will not believe who I saw at church Sunday, G!! MY buddy from tres rios!! It was a tearfull reunios knowing that he is now bishop! It was awesome. He was there to get a training from the member of the 70 who went to our stake conference. 

Sooo this week we were in the office and some lady from utah calls me and is like, can we send you some Liahonas from the year 2014? and I was like, are they free? and shes like yeah... so im like uhhhh sure? haha so the other day there's like 30 boxes here in the office and im like uhhh what is this? and Elder B says someone ordered 10,000 Liahonas and sent them here, I swear I dont remember getting this phone call..... hahaha long story short im glad that presidente was in Recefi for the week at a trainamento so we could stash the liahonas in the closet. 

Well I love you guys!! Miss you guys so much!!

Elder Hamm

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