Monday, November 2, 2015

Last Day of the Dead on the Mish Woot Woot

Do the folks there know American movies, music or television? yes. The movie industry in brasil really only makes a few movies popular. The rest are in english either dubbed over (which drives me crazy seeing peoples voices dubbed over) or have the little letters at the bottom of the screen.  

Do they have daylight savings time there? yes. it was like 3 weeks ago and we all got to church late.... because we forgot. 
Soooo this week we are emailing a day late because of Dia dos Mortos!! So the prez made a challenge that we have to get up at 8 and go to the grave yard all day and then leave at 6! So we called a bunch of members and they helped do contacts and pass out pamphlets and stuff. The grave yard was HUGGEEE and full of a lot of people! But it was cool because my buddie Elder Howard (who was already my comp) and Elder Ballard were there so we were joking around and doing contacts all day. We found some really cool people who wanted to hear our message too. 

So two weeks ago we knocked a door and this lady with CRazy hair came out and she looked literally crazy and im like "blah blah blah wanna hear a message?" and shes like yeah i do! and I look at my comp and he looks at me, and I look at him, and he looks at me, and im thinking, this lady isnt gonna understand anything.... that and we had another appointment in 30 minutes so I said "Lets do this, im gonna leave you our card with our number and our church is at 9:30 sunday! Go there and after you visit our church we´ll come over here and teach you. I was greatly surprised when she was the first one to get to church and we have since then taught her 3 times and she's going to be baptized on the 14. I judged a book by its cover and I felt really bad but im glad that she got the opportunity to hear our message.

We also built ANOTHER MEGA FORT. I´ll skip the details because its a little long and has a lot of other stuff.

but yeah that was this week, love you guys!!

Elder HAMM

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