Tuesday, November 24, 2015

ohhhh MM I love youuuuuhoooooo

Do they eat potatoes there?  That is an important thing for an Idaho boy to ask. Yes they have potatoes. And everyone here thinks that Americans love potatoes, which is mostly true. 

The ward you are in now, are there a lot of converts or have most of them grown up in the church?  So in mostly every ward Ive passed there has been more converts to the church, then people born into the church. Its actualy really cool because every time we eat lunch at a members house, we can ask the conversion story of everyone there. 

Where do you go to write your email each week? We email in the office. I have a computer I share with Elder S and we have all of our photos on here and stuff and a desk where we work. Its pretty chill, we have a drawer full of snacks to eat when we´re hungry haha. 

So this week you guys will not believe what happened. So you remember that baptism date that fell though the day of her baptism? So we went to her house and were talking to her Sunday about baptism and stuff and how she needs the gift of the holy ghost and stuff and she was talking about how she doesnt know if she can continue in this church because she already is going to a church and her church is wayyy more easy to understand and she likes the chior there and stuff so I was kinda seeing how she doesnt really want to be baptized and so following the prompting of the spirit, in a very kind and loving way I explained to her that the church she was attending could not help her after this life, that they didnt have the complete authority from God to do these ordinances like Baptism and giving the Gift of the Holy Ghost. And I told her that one day she will have to explain to God himself why she chose to not follow the church of His son, Jesus Christ, when she knew and had a good understanding that this church is the only church that can give her salvation.  I proceeded to explain that we didnt have any hard feelings against anyone and that she was more then welcome to keep going to church because she is definitely welcome there. So we left pretty sad and more than once I wanted to go back to try and help her but I know that I can´t because we cant help her if she wont help herself.
So Sunday we saw her at church and I was like, well that was the least expected thing in the world. So I went up to talk to her and shes like Elder I decided that I want to be baptised. And my jaw literally hit the floor. I was so happy I was about to jump for joy and yell and scream but we were in the sacrament room before the reunion started so I was just like, "Wow congrats!! im so happy we´ll talk more after!!" So that was a miracle. but super cool. 

We are going to buy a christmas tree and lights to put up in the house today. im super excited. We sang a christmas song at church sunday so its officially CHRISTMAS TIME!! So yeah 

Love you guys!! miss you all so much!!
Elder Hamm

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