Monday, February 1, 2016

Just tryin to be EVEN MORE like Christ (only missing 2 more nails)

Don't get that lightning rod too high (from my title), it will probably attract more lightning.  haha

How was your week?  Ours was mostly waiting for stuff to melt.  Like Nate’s brain from lack of school (back home). Hahaha 

My week was good. Its been pretty long especially since I am writing you right now at 1:19 in the morning, from the office, with a hole in my foot. Yeah but more on that later alligator. 

So this week was supppper fun actually. I got to do A LOT of exercise. We helped out a lot with the wheelchairs this week! it was a lot of organizing and moving them around and putting them on trucks and taking them off trucks but it was all worth it Aaturday when we saw all the people there to get their wheel chair. As I sat on the stand looking over the people there I couldnt help but think, "How many of these people will soon know, and embrace, the gospel of Jesus Christ?" Its a great work to be done and im glad that I can do it. 
So yeah why am I here at 1:40 in the morning? Because the secretary is putting the baptisimal forms in the computer which he has to do at the end of every month and this time we had A LOT. So im here with him because his companions were really tired and didnt wanna stay. The presidente already called a few times to see how we were doing. Haha I love that dude. 


As for the hole in my foot. Well today, almost right after lunch, we were walking down the street and I stepped on a wooden board and a huge rusty nail went right into my foot. A feeling I know all too well (curse you Cascatinha). So I kinda ripped my foot out of the nail and took off my shoes. Yeah - the nail's luck cause I wasnt wearing my boots because it was sunday and I had to wear my fancy shoes. And a little info about puncture wounds, they are super easy to seal up and stop the bleeding because even though it went in like 3cm it was only about 1cm wide so you just kinda put pressure on it and it stops bleeding super fast - but we were in the middle of nowhere heading.... to a even more nowhere to contact a reference a member gave us so I just put back on my shoe and contacted the reference. Then I called Sister C and she said what I was dreading.... go to the hospital and take a vaccine. ;(  Its not that I'm afraid of needles or anything its just I HATE having to take the time to go to a hospital and wait in that line JUST to have a shot.  So after 5 minutes of begging her to let me just like

fast and pray that it will be okay, me and my comp take off for the hospital where the Doc takes out a part of my shoe that actually went into my foot. That kinda hurt alot. But Doc Sergio was super cool and we joked around alot. It was also cool because I helped a kid who hit his head on a pole stay a little calmer. I told him I had take about 8 staples to my head too so that helped him a lot hahaha he was about 10 years old. 

But then as I was getting my tetanus shot the doctor walks in (which is weird because the waiting room was full) and asks me what church I represent. So we started talking fast and I gave him the watered down version of the Doctrine of Jesus Christ, how it was lost and now is here again and he asks, but what about the gadget? I was like so confused. and he just kept asking so I told him that Joseph Smith used a seer stone to help him translate and about the plates and the Book of Mormon and like everyone his response was "do you have the stone and the plates?" to which I responded "ahhhh Everthing would just be too easy if we had the plates, and would that really prove to you that Joseph saw God the Father and Jesus Christ?" he kinda shrugged and said it all seemed kinda ET to him. I said "yeah I´ve been there. What lead me to know was actually that. I wanted to know if this ET story was real."  So I explained about the Americas and how they had a people there too in the same time as the Bible and he said that makes sense.  So I said "When I read that book. I know Sergio. I know that no man on earth could write a book like that. It was translated in 80 days. 80 DAYS!?! The bible was translated from a KNOWN language to another KNOWN language and it took 52 scholars 15 YEARS TO DO IT."  That sparked his interest. I said I have this book with me right now that could be yours on one condition.  He said "How much you want for it?" I said "nothing but a promise. Promise me you´ll read the introduction and Joseph Smith's testamony and you can have it." He looked at me and kinda extended his arm out to grab it and I kinda did that eyebrow raise. and he smiles and is like "I promise." So all in all it was a good day with an even better expierence. 

But yeah its the afternoon now. We got home at like 2ish and had to still wake up at 6;30. That one hurt.  So I love you guys!! miss you all so much!
-- Elder Hamm

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