Monday, December 28, 2015

New Years... almost

"The Homies"
Dessert table.  Those purple grapes are concord grapes!
Did you eat any fruit at the Christmas party? (I’m guessing you just ate cupcakes)?  Dude I ate so much fruit its crazy. They had a bunch of grapes, mangos, watermelon, concord grapes. I ate a lot of both and because we stayed to help clean up, we took home a lot of fruit and also cookies and such. 

Is New Year’s a big deal there?  Well yeah, I guess its like the same in the US. Everyone here stays up till midnight and has a barbaque and stuff.

Yeah who spent from 3-9 on their pday helping to set
 up this place?  It was actually super fun and then
Presdiente fed us and talked to us for 30 minutes
about life.  it was chill.

Do the chapels there have pews or are they chairs that are movable so the chapel can be used as other stuff? They have pews, but we always move the pews when there isnt enough space like for the christmas concert. 

So yeah after skyping with you guys a few days ago not a lot happened. Our two baptisms fell though -__- I was actually pretty sad because they just kinda dropped off the map. No one knew where the family was. We called and called but they were all turned off or out of range so me and his brother (I was with his brother for 3 hours waiting for them) was thinking that they must have gone to grandma's farm wayyy out in the boonies. so that was really sad. Good news is no one went to the baptism anyways so I didnt have to cancel on a bunch of people! Haha yeahh thats sad. but yeah
New shoes I bought for Sundays
and other meetings

Sooooo yeah I literally dont have anything to tell you. Dinner with president was super cool. He was wayyy different. Hahah he was just joking around the whole night about stuff it was really cool. K was there - the presidents son who goes to BYU I. We hungout all night, hes actually a super sick dude and speaks really good english.  but yeah thas about it. I say but yeah alot dont I? I wanna say it again here but I wont. 

Love you guys!! miss you all a lot!! 2016´s around the corner now!!! WOOOOO

Elder Hamm

PS - I'm working on some number sheets at the office of the totals for the year.  805 baptisms this year in the mission.  A record for this region.  

Elder G one of my old comps. 

This was an activity we did at the
church with Elder B

Family Night with RC and her family. There is candy on the
flour and you had to cut the flour without the candy dropping.
When it dropped you had to eat it. 

The Sister next to Elder M was living in Nick Hintze's mission.
He baptized her brother.  Super cool.  Had to take a pic

The office

This was passing through the city like three times.  It is
4 coke trucks and one of them has santa in it.

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