Monday, February 29, 2016

Fala serio

This is a bissocoitão which is pretty much all I've been eating for the past 5 days for breakfast and dinner.  Don't have pity on me we just work so hard we don't have time to go to a minimarket that closes at like 8... so everyday we just go to a padaria next to our house.  This is actually really good its like cheese and stuff.  

Q:  Tell us about your new comp – where is he from? 
Elder Barlow is from Utah hes actually from my group! haha so its just kinda a party
Q:  How long he been out?  Same time as me
Q:  Tell us about your new area – rich, poor, in-between, city, farm, etc.  Oh my goodness.... its like a small city in the middle of nowhere. Its a 7 hour bus ride from Juiz de Fora that costs 105 Reais. Its pretty much just some humble people who live in small houses and if you try and escape this small town you´ll run into farms so there really is no escaping.
How is the ward? The Branch is actually super strong! there are like 70 members every sunday and the people here in this area are really humble ready to hear the gospel.

This is me on my freakin 7 hour bus ride trying not to
jump out the window.  

Sooo this letter is gonna be a little short because I am in Juiz de Fora today!! Suprise!! Yeah we have a meeting with Cascardi about how we are gonna help the missoinaries in our area so we got up at 6 and left the house at 6;30 to get our 7;30 bus and got here in Juiz de Fora at 3. Now we´re gonna chill and visit some of my old investigators and then have a meeting tommorow starting at 8-3.... yeah then guess what we´re gonna do? Take the same 7 hour bus ride back to farm-ville Sion. (sigh) 

This one is of the storm.  I have a video of the car...
let me see if I can send a screen shot of it. 

But just to summarize this week, we had a HUUGGEE rain storm that like flooded the streets (and our apartamento because the windows were open) and some car got stuck in the gutters so me and Elder Barlow ran out there and were like in the middle of a gushing river trying to push this dude's car out. I have a video that i´ll send you guys later but it was nuts. The rain hit so hard and I took pictures of the storm before it hit cause I knew it was coming so we tried to run home but we didnt make it. We got drenched. it was crazy. haha but yeah it was cool cause everyone saw 2 missionaries running for their lives in like freakin hurricane katrina.

But yeah we have a LOT of investigators and ALOT of people we are helping to get baptised. I´ll try and send some pictures!! but I think thats about it for the week. A lot of new stuff. I love you guys!! miss you all so much!! 

Elder Hamm

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