Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Digging a Well

Questions:  How are your shoes?
  done. finished. over with. Haha but yet I still have them and I am still using them. But the leather ripped on the side and so they are pretty much done. I´ll have to buy some new ones soonish

Think you weigh the same more or less than when you started? when I left home I was about 80 kilos 83 kilos now im at 73 kilos.... thats way light. haha 

Well half dug

But yeah this week we dug a well at some members house. we had to go into the hole that was about 11/2 meters and use a jack hammer to break up the rocks and then use a bucket to lift the rocks and dirt out of the hole, all while water is dripping down the walls. Haha so you have to dig pretty fast. 

but yeah Ill try to send you guys some fotos cause my camera is working now

Me and M and A
bought a universal charger for my battery for the camera and a new adaptor... . lets see if it'll send something” 

Transfers will be this week.  Me and Elder M are staying and Elder C (haha yahhh, my filho na missão) and J are leaving. 

Elder Hamm

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