Monday, September 21, 2015

The Zone

The Zone!

This is J. He's super sick and his 4 year old daughter was watching
tangled and every time the prince appeared she kept saying my name.
haha, but there they pronounce it with a silent H, like UH
What holidays have they had in September, what about October? hmmm Setember 7th was the independence day of Brasil.  OH dia de crianças is comming up just to let you guys know. its like Kids day where all the parents spoil their kids. In the United States, its every other day, not just one day. 

Do you leave a spiritual thought with members after eating in their homes? Yeah after we eat lunch we ask if there is anything we can do (not inculding money)  that we can help them with? Then we share a scripture with them with a spiritual thought and say a prayer and leave. Its sweet.

Do you remember anything from your study of the Old Testament in seminary? Hahaha ummmm...... I do actually! Whenever I hear a scripture mastery I remember more or less the words in english and its way easier to memorise. 

So this week was awesome! Me and Elder Gonçalves worked suppper hard and had some good results this week. 

So I was walking on the street one day (like always) and I saw two kids throwing around a football but they were throwing it like a baseball haha So I stopped and me and my comp threw the ball around with them for a few minutes and then their mom came out and invited us to eat a little lunch there and we taught a lesson after so it was super cool. played a little football and after taught a lesson. haha win win.

The red head is Elder C who is from my group!, He's comps with Elder M
and the other guy is Elder G, my comp! 
But other than that nothing much to report. Just the usual.

The church is still true. 

Love you guys!

Elder Hamm 

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