Monday, September 14, 2015

The only thing that spices up my week is service

What was your favorite non-service activity this week? ummm What do you mean non-service activity of this week? Its pretty much the usual, knock doors, go to meetings with our missionary leader, teach people the gospel. The only thing that spices up my week is service.  

So, how was winter there and how is spring? well this whole week it was overcast and raining.... so that pretty much sucked. But winter is like 25 degrees and spring is 37-45 degrees. It gets hot here in Barra Mansa. 

  Where is your comp from and how long he been out? My comp is from Bahia and hes been on the mission for about 6 months. His name is Elder G and he is the man. So people from Bahia normally are more relaxed cause in Bahia the life there is like Hawaii. Everyone is just pretty chill. Haha so I think we´ll get along swimmingly.

So this week was super cool. So A, (one of our pesquisadors who dating the other daughter of Presidente D) invited us over to his house to talk to his parents. (Actually it was a fight but finally they were all together and we got the go ahead to come over) So on the way there I was thinking and kinda praying about what we should teach A´s parents, who are both very involved in their own religion. So between me, my comp, and the holy ghost, we decided that we should just ask them if they have any questions and go from there. 
So when we arrived it was a warm greeting and so we sit down with A, his mom and dad and start with a pray, as usual, and then ask, "So do you guys have any questions about anything that you would like to ask a representive the Church of Jesus Crist of Latter day Saints? And his mom timidly asked about baptism, She asked if baptism was the end, if after baptism we are saved. So as me and my comp were explaining we hear someone yell "OHHH MULEKE!" Which kinda startled everyone but me... Because I reconized that voice.... it was M haha. He heard that we were teaching A´s parents so he and A and M (his girlfriend) came over to lend a hand and bear testimony. It was a little pause in our message but paid off in the end. 

So after everyone settled in I finished explaining that we have to endure to the end after baptism at which she agreed. Then the dad asked if we use the same Bible as the rest of the world, which gave us a chance to tlak about the restoration and the difference between the Book of Mormon and the Bible. The spirit was so strong when we were talking about the Book of Mormon that R, his mom, started crying a bit. It was really cool and the testamony of A and M really helped them know the truthfulness of our message. 

So yeah this week was a good week. Although M is going to Angra dos Reis to work this month and will only come back on the 23 of October. Josh´s birthday. haha but yeah thats pretty sad. but im good. my comps awesome. and The work is going. haha Love you guys so much!! 

Elder Hamm

ps id send pics but my adapter is giving me problems again... .ill get that resolved soon enough and send them this week. love you guys!

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