Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Pisca Pisca

We were trying to go to lunch sunday and it just started pouuuuurrrinnnngg rain like literally buckets of rain so we got soaking wet and it didnt help that I was already sick, but we were literally only in the rain for 30 seconds because from the bus to their house is 30 seconds but it was raining so hard we got soaked to the bone. But sister made this suppper good dessert thats like jello with apple and strawberry´s with a condensed milk, and milk creme. it was so good and reminded me of the U.S.... haha 

When do Brazilians start celebrating Christmas? wellll about a few weeks ago people started selling pisca pisca (christmas lights)

What are some of their Christmas traditions? hmm dunno. I guess we´ll see about that in a little. haha

Do most people have  Christmas trees and are they fake? Ive seen i think only 3 trees so far. One was fake the other was made out of a broom stick and 2 liter bottles, and the other was also fake. I also think its illegal to cut down pine trees here in brasil so that kinda puts a damper on things.

So M got baptised last week. She's honestly like a princess in a 60 year old body. hahaha shes super funny. But man was it a challenge with her but shes so happy to be a member now. she´s already been going to church for 5 weeks, already went to 3 baptismal services, 1 activity and is always at church at 8 when church starts at 9:30..... she's the best.

Soooo yeah this is by far my favorite picture in the whole world. This is me with 2 of my literal companions and one metaphoric companion. On my left is my trainer Elder L who was my second comp but taught me a lot about how to be a good missionary. In the middle is Elder C who taught me about paicente and how to really care and love your investigators, and Elder M... well I lived with him for 4 and a half months in Barra Mansa so I count him as my compainon. He has taught me how to really have fun and work at the same time. All of them are going home tomorrow :( and I remember thinking, Man when these guys go home, Im gonna be so freakin trunky because i´ll only have a few more months. Now that im here I dont really believe that its kinda coming to a close. It makes me so grateful for each of these guys and their impact they made in my life. Definitely will always remember these guys and keep in touch, but Im also so glad that I could be here to see them off. 

But yeah I had to wake up at 6 today to get these guys to the church at 7 for a auto suficcent class they have to take and then at 4 they´ll all come to the office to be interviewed and grab a few things and then they will go to dinner with the prez. then tomorrow they will all leave at 4 in the morning (which I have to help out with bags and vans and taxies to make sure everyone gets there) then I have to take my comp to the bus station and see him off around 12ish so when my comp arrives at 3ish in the afternoon we´ll go home to drop off his bags then go straight to the church because the newbies get here at like 9 in the morning and will go to the church at 4ish and we'll start the rotations and training at 4-6:30ish then that doesnt even give us one hour in our area because its like 40 min. bus ride away so we´ll come back to the ofice and ill explain how to pass references and stuff. so yeah. BUSY BUSY I HATE TRANSFERS. hahaha but seriously. its super busy. 

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