Monday, December 7, 2015


These are some of the last pictures I will ever have next to these spiritual giants.  I owe them a lot.  
What is your favorite scripture right now?  hmmm I dont really have a one favorite scripture. Its kinda like, all of them teach you different principals, neither one more important than the other. I have a really strong testmony of God helping your get what you need to know out of any scripture. Not like a different interpretation but more of a, you´re reading what you need to hear. 

What is the best part of working in the office? hmm probably like having a second house and being able to know whats going on in the whole mission. We have a fridge stocked with juice and crackers and we have A/C here and carpet. oh sweet carpet. its cool.

So yeah this week it was raining like CRAZYY!! the first time where it flooded like all of Juiz De Fora we were in a recent converts house so we didnt get soaking wet and we stayed there for 3 hours because we literaly couldnt leave. then the second time it was sunday and we were in the middle of the street and all we could do is crouch down and use our umbrellas as a sheild laughing like crazy because the wind was so strong and the rain was comming down so hard. It literally was like breaking our umbrellas because the wind was blowing so hard so we crouched down and it was still comming down so freakin hard. So in the middle of us laughing and trying not to get soaking wet we see some guy out side his window shouting something but all I could see was his hand motions telling us to go around the corner to get into his house so evey time we tried to stand up the wind and rain just soaked our pants so we just decided to run for it. we got to their house fairly quickly but we were soaking wet.

So we talked with them for a while and then shared a message with them because we thought, Look you guys saved us from the rain, let us repay you guys by sharing a message that will bless your family. so we shared a message and they accepted our message. it was really cool.

but yeah this week was pretty normal other than the rain like crazy. haha my new comp Elder B is super chill. hes a little new on the mission (4months) so its kinda hard to do all this stuff and still try and teach him how to be a good missionary but its whatever. I love you guys!! miss you all sooo much!!

Elder hamm


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