Wednesday, December 16, 2015


How do you say Merry Christmas in Portuguese? Feliz Natal. So just to write it out in english with the accent it would be feliz (like spanish) Nataw. The L at the end makes a W sound.

What do they call Santa Clause in Brazil? Papai Noel. 

Yeah so I bought new shoes... but boots would be the better word for them 8) (thats the smiley face sunglasses dude) So I was lookin at these 100-150 real shoes and was thinkin, man these shoes are gonna last like 4-5 months and I need shoes for 7 more months... hmmm so I thought, If I buy a shoe that's a little more expensive but more durable it´ll be better right? So the first thing that went right was that I was with Elder B cause he needed new shoes too and he was here in Juiz de Fora for a metting with the prez so we go out on PDay and find the sickest boots and they just make me so happy. So as we left the shoe store I was thinking yeahhhh I got some BOOOTTSSS. I got some brown.....tangy....leather boots. And unlike dad when he hears this story, I didnt cry. But my eyes did get a little watery that night as I thought about the story of the boy and the brown tangy leather boots. We walked our 40 minute walk home talking about life and challenges and I realized that Elder B is the man. He literally is. He is so sick and hes just like me and we will definitely stay close after the mission. but yeah the pics are at the bottom. They are the best. 

So everyone was worried the Pres was gonna have a fit when he saw my boots but the past week it pretty much flooded Juiz de fora and my shoes have holes for air conditioning (cause it gets pretty hot here too) its just that when it rains the holes for air conditioning dont close, its still in the beta phase, so my feet get super wet really easily. So I have, better yet, *had, 2 pairs of shoes. So lets think this out. It rained for 7 days. Each shoe, when wet, takes about a day or two to dry out, and thats with the sun. So pretty much I wore wet shoes for 5 days in a row, which sucked. 
So we went to lunch with the president the other day and I was wearing my boots. Whether he saw them or not im not sure but he didnt say anything so Im gonna count that as a yes, I can wear these boots for proselyting. haha

So yeah this week we marked some dates with some families we are working with. We marked the marraige of C and C too!!! WOOOO They´re gonna get married so they can be baptized! Its actually super cool. Then we got really serious with this family that we love and told them straight up that we all have to focus on our goal of baptism. So we marked a date with the two daughters and told the parents that they have to seriously pray and ponder about getting married. it was super cool. 

We were in a lesson reallllly spiritual and really awesome and the spirit was so strong and right when I was about to invite the daughters to get baptized, their uncle knocks on the door. Their uncle who is a strong member of another church and always just wants to bible bash with us and he walks in. So I bear my testimony and pass to my comp without inviting them to be married. Then my comp is bearing his testimony and I think, dude this spirit is so strong I could literally feel it in the air. And at that moment I heard a voice, "Fear no man". So my comp closed off his part and said amen and then I was like, but we have one more invite for all of you to come closer to God. So we invited all of them to really pray to know if it was true and set a goal for the girls to be baptized. It was super sick and the uncle didnt say a word. 

Then I had pity for him. It was weird, I felt bad that he tries to bible bash and we kinda stump him every time, so I decided to talk directly to him, which was risky cause when he starts talking he doesnt stop. And I asked if he had a Book of Mormon at his house. He said no. So I said, I want to give you a Book of Mormon, and all I ask, is that you treat it with as much respect as the bible because this too, was written of God. This too, is holy scripture. So I gave it to him with a few chapters and the introduction marked. It was a great feeling for everyone in the room. 

But yeah this week was good I love you guys!! miss you all so much!! Ill put the photos on Drop box because its easier haha love you all!! 

Elder Hamm

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