Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Merry Christmas

Dad's Questions:  Of the following: faith, virtue, knowledge, temperance, patience, kindness and charity – if an angel came down and offered one to you, which would you choose and why?  I dunno, I wouldnt really want an Angel to give one of these things to me. Like where's the fun in it, if you dont have to work to gain it? But it would always be cool to have a little more faith, but I feel like if an angel came down to give me one of these attributes, one of them automatically given would be faith because Im seeing an angel, right?

What are your plans for Christmas day? The night before christmas I think we´re gonna borrow the tree from the office and put it in our house and sleep under it. Then on Christmas we have lunch with a superrr cool family in the ward. then we´re probably gonna try and skype you guys at around 3 hours Brasilia time. Does that work? Then we will visit some recent converts who invited us over. Then at night we have a dinner with the Presidente. So thats gonna be pretty much my day.

Can you get a good milkshake? oh dad..... You have no idea how many milkshakes I buy here in Juiz de Fora, there is a Mr. Mix close to the office and we drink milk shakes there on tap. Not really but we drink a lot of milk shakes there. Haha they are pretty cheep too for a big shake with a bunch of different flavors. 

So yeah this week was pretty busy. I got sick, had a few awesome family nights, worked really hard, went to the hospital (that was a hugggeee waste of time) and worked.

Sooo yeah I was really light headed and I think it was a mix between being dehydrated and with a cold all at the same time so it was an ugly mixture so sister told me to go to the hospital and when I got there, it looked like a 5 star hotel and it was super confusing and stuff but we finally made it to the emergency room and shes like, well you guys are gonna have to wait 1 1/2 hours till the nurse can see you. So I kinda slept and tried not to vomit and then when the nurse saw me she was like oh we´ll give you some medicine and an IV. So it was like the longest lasting IV that ive ever taken in my life and i was still super dizzy and so the nurse is like well well just put your feet in the air and you head lower than your heart and im like "uhhh over my dead body you will..." and shes like no it'll help, so she throws me back and it literally gets worse. So im like dying with all the blood rushing to my head and im like yah so can we freakin put this table right, and now i want some medicine for my headache too. haha so the doctor was super busy and had to get her permission to give me more medicine so I ended up just kinda taking some IV and then leaving. it stunk, but i got better... kinda. 

But yeah this week we found a lot of good new investigators. When we teach the restoration its so cool because the spirit is so strong and everyone is just loving the feelings and everything its so cool. Especially this Christmas season. We are going to baptize G´s daughters this Saturday! One day after christmas! G is still trying to get married to R and I think they will actually get married in February because of all the paper work that has to be done. But none the less its cool to really help people. 

But yeah I love you guys!! I have to go help Sister Cascardi set up the capela for the christmas party for the mission tomorrow. Love you guys!!! 

Elder Hamm

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