Monday, February 8, 2016


What do most the people wear for shoes there – Nike and Adidas?  Crocs? Flip-flops?  Havaianas is pretty much what everyone uses here. Its like a flip flop made of rubber and not that expensive. its a nice flip flop. I bought some in Cascatinha and I still have them today. So when you get home at night, here in Brasil they dont really use carpet. Its almost all tile. And tile´s really cold, like, all the time. So when you get home you basically take your shoes off and put on your flip flops. Like people never walk around bare foot because you can catch a cold.  

Are there any things there that we don’t think are bad that would offend people there (like Josh said in Mexico you can’t knock “shave and a haircut, two bits”)?  If you call someone an animal. Hahaha they dont like that, thats like swearing at them. 

How do they celebrate Valentine’s day in Brazil? So valentines day is actually in November here soooo yeah. and its call like the day of girlfriends/boyfriends. So its really only for people in relationships... kinda like in the USA

So yeah this week was actually super sick. so last pday was Elder C's Birthday and then the next day wsa Elder B's and then today is Elder Br's so last P day the president invited us over to eat pizza and cake and told us to get there at 21h.....  hahaha but alright he is the president. we had already marked to go out with a member to contact some referrals AND a nother member wanted to have a suprise party for C. So we went to work.  But yeah did all that stuff we had to do then at presidents house we ate pizza and cake and chatted a lot with them. The president is so cool and Sister C is just the best. Seriously they just are awesome haha we talked about everything, the beach, they guessed our first names (cause you dont really use them but they got them all right after about 10 minutes of thinking) and then we had cake and icecream and president got out his binder from the mission and was showing us all of his stuff he got like awards for baptising and stuff. Hahahaha we were laughing so hard cause this dude has like 1,000 and he served only for a year and 6 months. Got home at around 10:40ish. Haha it was cool. 

So after I get out of the shower that night I look at the phone and I see one missed call from president. Hes the only one who would call after 10:30 cause at 10:30 your suppose to be alseep. So I call him back and he said that President N and his family are moving and that they needed my help and if I could help. So I said yeah of course. So on wednsday Sister C picked up in front of the Blue Tower in normal clothes and we drove to the move. It was one of the most trunky experiences of my mission being in a nice car with air conditioning and in normal clothes joking around with sister. Hahah so we get there and they have like a million things its crazy and the truck had to make 3 trips so we being shuttled back and forth and stuff helping out and Sister called the president asking if we could stay a little longer just to help get the treadmil up to the 4th floor. It was tough. But it was cool. And sister took us to Mcdonalds (which here is really expensive) and I asked for a big mac and shes like, why dont you get that one that costs more? hahahaha Sister is so awesome. then she bought us icecream and we went back and finished the move. But yeah it was just kinda a huge trunky week.

But this Saturday we´re gonna baptise J whos 32 (and hopefully the rest of his family next month) and B (the grandkid of a women we reactivated and hopefully her daughers too next month). You see? You can be trunky and still work and still have success. Obviously its eaiser to not be but its not impossible. 

But yeah those were pretty much the two adventures this week. We had a lot of really cool lessons this week with E who was almost being ill because of her confusion amidst the different religions. But she just doesnt wanna leave her church. It is actually really sad. She said someone was gonna be baptised in the church where she goes btu the only thing missing would be..... she paused to think of the word and then said..... Authority. And I almost jumped out of my chair cause I was so glad she understood
Then we were teaching this lady and her son and she was like crying during the first vision because the spirit was so strong and then her husband gets home and shes like, YOU have to hear what these men have to say, and so he sits there for 30 seconds and then wants to like bible bash. -___-

So yeah thats about my week. It was good. I liked it, I learned a lot. Love you guys!! miss you all so much!! Oh yeah this week is also carnaval so thats pretty crazy too. 

Elder Hamm

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