Sunday, February 28, 2016

Varginha-MG, Sion

Have you had the chance to listen to any General Authority's while there? Yeah acutally we had GA´s here like alot actually. They would come and give trainings to president. 

Do they have mission conferences with the whole mission?  Yeah but only during christmas or when a really big GA or Apostle comes to this area.

Have you driven mission vehicles while there? No. Only the assistantes here really have permission to drive mission vehicles and the president doesnt even think of giving them the keys. 

So we helped President N move right? So they keep trying to plan a bbq for us and keeps falling through so finally he marked sunday at 7. But there were a lot of problems and the other elders asked if we could go and President said only during lunch and only for an hour. So long story short he sees me at church so I just ask like "Hey President Nunes is doing a bbq and asked us to come can we go?" and he starts off like uhh I dont think its a good idea and gets to no. its actually a bad idea. So im like alright thats chill I understand. Later that day we get a call from Elder B and hes like, yeah so the president said you guys have to go to the Bbq and it starts at 8:30, dont get there before or after 8;30. So im like what the heck? Haha super confused so when we get there I can already hear presidents voice and im like "oh dang, we really should have called just to confirm that we could come." So we walk up stairs and president is sitting in a chair with his wife and his son and daughter in law and just gives me a funny look. Thats when my heart just dropped. And im like, "look im just as confused as you are, am I allowed to be here?" And the president just kinda looks at us and shaked his head..... Sister Cascardi saw our faces and was like, "he's kidding loves go get some carne" Hahaha I was like wow so not funny. 

So at the BBQ President called me over and asked if I knew where I was going.... I was like, well you do know I work in the office right? Haha and he tells me about the responsibility I will have serving in the Branch Sion in Varginha. I will be responsible for 28 other missionaries that include, I think 1 ward, 3 branches, and 1 district. I also found out that President N is responsible for that district so i´ll be seeing him a lot more. haha but im excited. I just hate packing ugh. its the worst. Future missionaries, bring suit cases with 4 wheels and that spin in 30 degrees. it will make your life 1,000 times better

It will be really sad to leave the office and stuff... but I think Varginha will be the place where I die. only a little more so we´ll see. I love you guys!! miss you all so much!!! 

I also think I have a hole in my boot.... I dont believe this. I´ve already worn these suckers down so much.   

Elder Hamm

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