Sunday, February 28, 2016

John 4:35

Questions: Have you mostly served in wards or branches?  Mostly in wards that don´t have more than 40 people in the ward. Here in Juiz de Fora the church is SUPER strong and all the members help so its awesome. The attendance is like 110 so thats a lot, but in my other wards its been like 40 or less. 
Do most the church buildings have more than one ward in them? I think most have 2 because its just 2 small wards but in some area´s its just one because there aren´t a lot of members and its pretty isolated.  
Do they have singles wards? No. Juiz de fora has like 100 single adults and they dont have a singles ward so I dont think anywhere has a singles ward. But they do a lot of activities together. 
So this week was pretty sweet. We had 2 baptisms and 2 confirmations so that was super cool. umm This week also had a sick family night with the elders in our ward where we found 3 swords so we took a bunch of pictures haha more about that on the way. 

Other than that we just taught repentance and baptized the converts who were B and J. J is 40ish and he is the man. Hes trying to help his family be baptized these next few weeks and if they decide to be baptized, HE´s gonna baptize them! Thats so cool how the church works. And B is the grandson of someone me and Elder B reactivated these days and when he found out he could be baptized he wanted us to talk to his mom right away!! Haha So we marked a date with the family and they are gonna be baptised in the next few weeks as well. Sadly I think this will be my last week here in this blessed area ;( 
I had an interview with the president this week and he was like, uhh do you have any questions or doubts or anything? And so I just went ahead and asked, "President, will I stay here one more transfer or will I be transferred?" he just kinda bapped me with the response, "What difference does it make to you?" And I was like yeahhh... haha So today only a part of my readjust went into my account which means I will probably only be in this area, one more week. But im excited for my next area, just not excited for the packing and the leaving. 
Hahahahah so this scripture. So it just so happens that in chuch we were sitting there and the president and his wife came in and sat down next to us and some girl talks about a scripture in John 4 so a few days before Elder Ballard called me and shared this scripture with me ahaha so when I open my scriptures this verse has like 3 stars next to it and is colored and has fev. written in the margin and president looks over and is kinda looking at my scriptures so I point to it and give him the scriptures. He takes out his glasses and I immediately regret doing this. He starts to read a little ahead to get the context and then when he gets to the verse he cracks this smile and shows sister and sister gives me that eye and president gets this YYeahhh! face on hahahaha I died laughing.
But yeah thats about it. I love you guys!! miss you all alot!! TLove
Elder Hamm

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